1. In light of the global developments and the UAE’s strategic plans,
    and in line with the State’s policy to promote economic diversification.
  2. We strive to be a distinctive investment firm and asset manager,
    driven by commitment to our core philosophies and values.
  3. We work to enhance the growth of the Emirate investments in the international
    arena and establish mutually beneficial connections between the council
  4. All of our prominent council members gather their efforts to strengthen
    the mutually-beneficial cooperation between the Emirate government and the Emirate…
  5. We conduct empowering workshops with international entities to help spread the benefits
    of international interactions among the Emirati investors
Our services

We give many services in different fields.

We help you achieve your financial needs to fund your ideal projects. 

Debt Funding

We have financing solutions for everybody and in any country

Real Estate and Infrastructure

We deploy capital into international real estates

Asset Management

We offer our Clients the opportunity to invest in a global multi asset

Business Development

We are committed to helping businesses opportunities.

Petroleum & Petrochemicals

The Petroleum & Petrochemicals platform is a core pillar of our business

Our Investments

We seek to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns by investing in interesting projects around the globe

Cryptocurrency Mining

Cryptocurrency is fast becoming global means of payment.


We protect information and maintain strict confidentiality of our client’s information and the deals.

Innovative Strategies Designed for Growth

Al Quasha Investment Group is a diversified investment group powered by a team of talented, dynamic and proven professionals. Grounded in research, guided by creativity and committed to developing visionary growth strategies, our firm is here to create long-term value by operating on the leading edge of finance.

The Al Quasha Investment Group Advantage


We are dreamers and doers, encouraging exploration and pursuing executional excellence daily, and we utilize this unique interplay to constantly evolve, improve and chart new courses forwards.