Real Estate and Infrastructure

Al Quasha Investment Group Real Estate and Infrastructure began deploying capital into international real estate opportunities in 2010, and today has a portfolio that spans across North America, Europe, and Asia.

Consistent with the other sectors within the company, Al Quasha Investment Group’s real estate strategy prioritizes direct investing through joint ventures. Partners in these JVs are institutional, demonstrate best-in-class acumen, and commit substantial capital side-by-side with Al Quasha Investment Group.

Diversification, by geography, property sector, and investment style, also features prominently in Al Quasha Investment Group’s real estate strategy. The unit tends to focus on 5-10 countries at any one time, and are open to office, retail, residential, industrial, and select hospitality opportunities. Select derivatives of those more traditional property sectors are also considered on a case by case basis. Al Quasha Investment Group and Infrastructure has the flexibility to target the spectrum of core to opportunistic investments, depending on the market cycle and the firm’s priorities. While equity is primarily deployed, the portfolio has significant mezzanine and preferred equity positions as well.

Expansion of the international real estate footprint will continue as will exposure to real assets as a compliment to its higher yielding portfolio across other business units.